Photos from family histories

The Process

The LifeStory process is simple, easy and even a bit fun.

After the initial paperwork is signed, we begin the first step with the interviewee(s). We ask you to walk down memory lane via your photos, documents and memorabilia. About 40 - 50 are included in your LifeStory. We will give you a list of photos and documents that we recommend.

Pre-Interview Questionnaire
The next step is a Pre-Interview Questionnaire (PIQ). This is a meeting with the interviewee(s) that lasts about 2 ½ hours. A form will be filled out by the interviewer that covers the facts of your life. If dates or other information is not remembered, don’t worry. We’ll gather the rest from research on our end.

The LifeStories team then takes the photos and PIQ and does extensive research to formulate the questions that will be asked at the interview.


Interview Day
On the day of the interview, the interviewer and a professional videographer arrive at a place of your choosing (usually your home), set up the lights and camera, then spend the day with you as we take a journey through your life via a conversation. (If you are taking advantage of our photography partner’s photo session offer, that may be scheduled around this time also.)

Professional Editing
The videotape of that conversation is then delivered to a LifeStories Alive approved professional editor. Editors will masterfully combine the conversation with the photos and music (where appropriate) in a way that creates a living history on DVD for the benefit of children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Flexible Locations
We are happy to travel to wherever your loved ones are in order to create their most precious heirloom … their LifeStory.


“Mike's work is outstanding and professional in every way. Mike created a life story video of my son before he died from ALS. Mike worked with a non-profit group I was affiliated with to create an informational video for a home foster children. Mike is a great person and a delight to work with.”
- Don B.



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