Photo of Interviewee's Mother in 1889


"Just a note to tell you how fabulous the tape is!!!! We stayed up until almost l:00 the evening Jim sent them, and we both are so pleased. You captured us just like we are--and I am sure our children and grandchildren will be so pleased to have this---would I have loved to have something similar of my family. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful project and the joy and keepsake you are providing for so many families. Best of luck in your business--you have created something irreplaceable for many people. "

- Norma E.

"I have been in Dallas for five days for the funeral of my father, who died on Saturday. As you can imagine, it was quite a shock which has still not fully set in. ... I cannot thank you enough for coming into our life at an opportune time and for documenting the life of someone we all cherished and who we will never forget. When we get past our grief, let’s talk about how I can help you do for others what you have done so beautifully for my family. Thanks."

- James E.

"Mike, Received your lovely handwritten note this morning. Dad and I are truly grateful to you and Linda for coming down. Your gift of the superbly done and moving DVD made the birthday event absolutely perfect for us---and what a fabulous gift for us all in the future.
Thank you over and over,"

- Sharon

“My grandfather forgot he was being interviewed and that cameras were in the room. Mike's comfortable style and process put everyone at ease. The finished DVD was a masterpiece. Everyone in the family loved it - including the biggest critic, my grandfather. Mike is the master!”

- Rob B.

“Mike's work is outstanding and professional in every way. Mike created a life story video of my son before he died from ALS. Mike worked with a non-profit group I was affiliated with to create an informational video for a home foster children. Mike is a great person and a delight to work with.”

- Don B.

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