Touching Lives You Didn't Think You Could Reach

I had lunch today with a fellow ZACH Theater Board of Directors member. She asked about my business, LifeStories Alive . When I began to tell her about it, she said she'd already heard about it from someone else who had wonderful things to say about me and my business. She said whoever mentioned me was moved by my work on a personal level. I asked who it was and she couldn't remember, but did remember this person going on and on about what a unique and beneficial business it is. Later in our conversation she remembered and mentioned by name  who it was she heard from. I don't know that person and am sure we hadn't met personally. I say that not to toot my own horn (although to some the sound is already too loud) but to point out that the impressions that we leave with the things all of us do on a daily basis can effect or affect the lives of others ... whether we know it or not. In this case I realized that I touched the life of someone I never knew. With this event brought the realization that I should mindfully conduct myself with the knowledge that my words and actions are being recorded in the minds of others. And, if my words and actions are positive, I could touch lives I never thought I could reach ... in a good, long-lasting way.