Family History Video Forethought

I received an email from a client this morning, a client from four years ago. He wrote, "My dad passed away Saturday, we watched the life story last night with all the relatives. I am sure am glad we had that done." From time to time I will receive such an email. I, too, am glad he had the forethought years ago to capture his father's stories. This brings up a few questions: What gives us such a forethought, makes us decide to do something that will only reveal its value years from now? What am I not doing now that I might regret years from now...after it's too late to do? I'll think about this seriously and make a list. This is different from a "bucket list". A "bucket list" is what you want to do for yourself before you die. This list is for what I can do for others now that I might not be able to do for them in the future. What would be on your list?