What Do You Wish You Could Have Asked Tony Curtis?

Tony Curtis died yesterday. He wasn't one of my favorite actors, but I liked his work in all the movies I saw of his. I was reading the New York Times' article about his life http://tinyurl.com/38z88h3 and wondered as I was reading, "What questions would I have loved to ask Tony Curtis?" Rather than listing them all, I challenge you to make a list for yourself. And if you don't care for Tony Curtis, make a list of questions you would like to ask your favorite actor. The next thing I will ask you to do is ask yourself those same questions. I have found that the most well received questions I ask during a LifeStory interview I conduct are those I would want someone to ask me. Empathy goes a long way when asking a question, especially if it;s about someone's life. Try it on your loved one the next time you talk. What answers do you expect? Let me know if the answers given were what you expected.

Last Sunday, CBS Sunday Morning aired an interview with Tony Curtis' daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis http://tinyurl.com/2ccr9x3 . I found it, like most on that show, to be a good interview. I'd love to hear her reflections on her Dad now that he's gone. What was her most touching moment with her father? Ask yourself the same question. Always remember the power of empathy when asking someone else a question.

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