An Inspiring 9/11 Story You Haven't Heard

I just found a link to an inspiring 9/11 story I hadn't heard in the ten years since that memorable day. Please watch this and then come back and read the rest of this blog post: . "I believe (every)body has a little hero in 'em. You gotta look in. And if it's in there, it'll come out." These are the words of one of the unsung heroes in New York City ten years ago. A hero captured in this Tom Hanks video. The question I ask myself today is, "What can I do to discover and act upon the hero within me?"

We can all do something. One of the valuable lessons pointed out in this video is how, at a time of intense tragedy, we helped one another. We set aside any differences, any prejudices, any ways that we, all too often these days, look to divide one another. We came together to become one. May one of the lessons of September 11, 2001 be that we should look at one another with those eyes on a daily basis, view one another as fellow citizens, and, thus, find the hero within us all.