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People die,
but stories don’t have to.





Story Production

Welcome to LifeStories Alive. We produce living stories for families, nonprofits and businesses. A living story is a sensory story. That’s why we use video to capture unique sights, vocal expressions and familiar gestures. We interview your story originator, either the family member or founder, then integrate artifacts and deliver a documentary film.


Why LifeStories?

The people we love are going to die. But their stories don’t have to - that is a choice. We’ve captured hundreds of stories in more than a decade since we began. We look forward to meeting you and learning about the stories you want to capture.

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Interested in learning if a LifeStory is right for you? We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out and we’ll schedule an introductory call with you.


Capturing Stories for Families and Brands

For more than a decade we’ve been privileged to capture the stories of hundreds of families as well as family-owned businesses and impactful nonprofit organizations.


We capture living stories for generations of families. Click below to learn more about how we work with families like yours.


At LifeStories we specialize in making an important emotional connection through live interviews captured on video.


We believe the best way to communicate your message is through your story. Learn more about our unique process.

The value of Mike’s work increases exponentially over time, because as we know so well, memories and milestones are worth their weight in gold. The way Mike reveals the special qualities of ordinary people is undeniably a gift. I am grateful to know a man of such dedication and high integrity.
— Michael C.


About The Founder


MY NAME IS mike o’krent

I am the Founder of LifeStories Alive. Since 2006 I’ve had the privilege of capturing hundreds of remarkable stories on camera.

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