LifeStories for Families

We capture living stories for generations of families. A living story is a personal accounting of the influential, essential and powerful tales that have shaped a human life, told by their originator. Seeing the facial expressions, hearing the voice and, thus, feeling the story as the story originator tells it sparks the emotions of the viewer in heartfelt ways.

Recent LifeStories for families 

Now that my father is gone, I can’t fully describe how grateful I am to have captured his LifeStory that I can watch, share with my children and preserve for future generations.
— Jon

The impact

The response we most commonly hear from our clients after a LifeStory video has been viewed is, "I've known this person all my life...but I've never heard many of those stories." The impact of a LifeStory comes after the story originator is deceased. When the viewer of the video can hear, see and feel the loved one they miss so much, emotional connections are made that would not have been possible otherwise...and, thus, many generations of families are now connected forever.

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the process

The process of completing a LifeStory for the story originator (interviewee) is easy, simple and fun. It involves only one 3-4 hour pre-interview meeting followed by (a few days afterward) a full day of having a conversation that is filmed. As we go through old photos, mementos and conversations, the process quickly becomes an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Most of the work (and there's a lot of it) is done by the team at LifeStories Alive. This involves pre-interview research, photo scanning, formulating questions, setting up professional video recording equipment, professional video editing and a Director's edit of the early drafts of the video. All you have to do is have a couple of conversations and then enjoy the treasured video.

My entire family is indebted to Mike, whose service can be characterized as “doing well by doing good”. I can’t say enough good things about Mike and LifeStories Alive. Mike not only brings stories alive, but he brings departed family members to life
through his wonderful interviews. If you have rich stories in your family – and we all do – do not hesitate to engage Mike to bring them to life as a gift to your family and successive generations.
— Jim