LifeStories for Nonprofits

the impact

We know your organization is dedicated to important work - perhaps furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. It’s important to connect with your audience in meaningful, emotional ways. Whether the primary purpose is to pull heartstrings or pursestrings, we believe the best way to connect is through a well-produced story. At LifeStories Alive, we specialize in making that emotional connection through live interviews captured on video.

Recent LifeStories for nonprofits

Mike and the LifeStories Alive team produced two excellent videos for Special Olympics Texas as part of our fledgling oral history project. We are proud of the videos and look forward to screening them at our new building
— Tela Mange - Former Vice President of Communications, Special Olympics Texas
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The process

We produce living stories. Our unique interviewing skills bring out the essence of the story originator, and, thus, tell the story in an effective way. Using professionally produced video, the emotional effect is both sensory and long-lasting.   

The process of completing a LifeStory video for a non-profit organization is easy, simple and fun. It begins with a pre-interview meeting with the decision makers to explore the "why" of the project. The key people to tell the story are determined and timelines are explored. At LifeStories Alive, we handle the details for you so the process doesn't interrupt the good work you are doing. Most of the work (and there's a lot of it) is done by the team at LifeStories Alive. This involves pre-interview research, photo scanning, formulating questions, setting up professional video recording equipment, professional video editing and a Director's edit of the early drafts of the video. All you have to do is have a few conversations and then enjoy the results as the finished video is shared across your community.

We commissioned LifeStories Alive to produce a video that would chronicle a unique endeavor—the transfer, restructuring and refurbishing of a 120 year-old wooden, country synagogue. Words cannot express our appreciation to Mike for his devotion to this project.
— Rick Goldberg - Former President, Congregation Tiferet Israel