LifeStories for Businesses

the impact

At LifeStories Alive, we believe the best way to communicate your brand message is through your story. According to a 2016 article, "Stories can be incredibly powerful for brands, because as humans we’re hardwired to engage with them; it’s how we learn, it’s in our DNA. This is what makes content marketing so powerful, and the reason why so many brands are using it in their marketing mix. Video is the most powerful medium for delivering these messages, because you can replicate the human experience on film, instantly conveying whatever story you want to tell." At LifeStories Alive, we specialize in making emotional connections to your target market through live interviews captured on video.

Recent LifeStories for Businesses

The impact Mike and LifeStories Alive has had on my business and continues to have on my company is huge. Mike and his team helped us separate our company from many that were responding to an RFP. He knew video was the only way to show the decision makers the true DNA of my company. Not only did Mike make it happen just as he said it would, we were awarded the RFP.
— Wayne Gonzalez - Owner, Gonzalez Office Products
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the process

We produce living stories. Our unique interviewing skills bring out the essence of the story originator, and, thus, tell the story in an effective way. Using professionally produced video, the emotional effect is both sensory and long-lasting.   

The process of completing a LifeStory video for a business is easy, simple and fun. It begins with a pre-interview meeting with the decision makers to explore the "why" of the project. The key people to tell the story are determined and timelines are explored. At LifeStories Alive, we handle the details for you so the process doesn't interrupt you and your business. Most of the work (and there's a lot of it) is done by the team at LifeStories Alive. This involves pre-interview research, photo scanning, formulating questions, setting up professional video recording equipment, professional video editing and a Director's edit of the early drafts of the video. All you have to do is have a couple of conversations and then enjoy the results as the finished video is enjoyed by your target market.