If I Live To Be 100

I was given as a gift an incredible book, If I Live To Be 100, Lessons from the Centenarians by Neeah Ellis, by my friend, Stephanie at Mosak Advertising & Insights http://www.mosak.com/mosak/ . In the work that I do, I've had the joy of capturing the LifeStories of two centenarians; one was a lady in El Paso who was 103, the other a lady in Austin who was 100. This book does a great job of not only telling some of the stories of this incredible group of people, but also gives you an insight of what it's like on the interviewer's side of the microphone (and what a joy it is!). I remember hearing on NPR (National Public Radio) a clip of one of the ladies Neeah interviewed. The 100+ year old giggled as she described one of the secrets to her healthy long life. She  said, a bit timid and embarrassed by the answer to come, "Early in the morning, if the weather is good enough, I walk outside my cabin to the lagoon go skinny dipping." Neeah then asked, "Aren't you worried that someone will see you?" She answered, still giggling, "At my age, I don't think anyone would want to." 

You will learn from this book the joys and struggles of living so long. After reading it, I look forward to living to be a healthy, happy, and a bit fiesty 100+ year old guy. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have.